How Does LeaveWizard Make Life Easier for Small Businesses?

February 25, 2019

Running a small business isn’t always easy. As your firm grows, so do the administrative burdens. Increases in paperwork start to take you away from your core business, and complex administration starts to demand either more time or money spent on advisors. For many business owners, one of these admin tasks that grow out of control is administering holidays for their staff.

At LeaveWizard one of the things we like best about our online annual leave and absence management platform is that it takes a lot of the burden of administration away from small business owners. By saving time, moneysaving time, money, and complication from your annual leave management, you can spend a lot more time on the things that matter most.

Many off-the-shelf leave management systems are designed for big, multi-national, companies, and then made available to smaller firms. This leaves a small business owners with lots of features that they have no use for at the moment, designed for managing a workforce of thousands, or a set of employment rules from another country. LeaveWizard’s online solution is fully customisable, so that you can use only the functions that you need and that work for your business.

Automatic calculations of pro-rata entitlements.

The legal or contractual entitlement to a certain number of paid vacation days is at first glance simple. Employees starting mid-way through a company’s holiday year or working part-time hours, instantly complicate it. Now in order to work out an employee’s entitlement a calculation must be performed to work out the correct fraction of the allowance (a pro-rata calculation). Many business owners and managers spend hours getting this right or end up hiring an HR professional at a huge cost. With LeaveWizard they simply need to enter the employee’s details, start date, and hours worked into the system and the correct figure is generated automatically.

Flexibility to meet your needs.

A small business often needs to be flexible, whether that’s a matter of adapting to new client requirements, quickly scaling your organisation to meet growth, or allowing staff and management to complete tasks quickly and easily whenever and wherever they are. LeaveWizard’s features are designed with this in mind, including:

  1. On-the-go leave applications and approval. – Employees can check their remaining entitlement and book leave through our mobile app, and management can see and approve or decline requests through the online dashboard.
  2. Customisable rules. – Every small business is unique, and we understand that you need to set up your arrangements to meet your needs. Whether that means customising they way you handle the end of the holiday year, automatically counting periods when the business is closed (such as public holidays) as annual leave, or creating and monitoring specialist teams within the company, we’ve got a solution that works for you.
  3. Easy, automated rule enforcement. – Without the benefit of a team of HR specialists, it can be hard to make sure that the rules are followed. Some of these rules are the ones you set to make sure that employee leave follows your policies, and others are those set by government to make sure that your employees are treated fairly. With LeaveWizard you can automatically apply the legal rules of a range of countries and territories, making sure you stay compliant. You can also enter the details of your policies, on things like the notice period required to book holiday, or the process for booking special leaves (for bereavement, parental leave etc.) and our system will make sure that employees are following the policies when the make requests for time off.

No two small businesses are the same, and your leave management solution should reflect that. You can get in touch with our team to take a tour of our features, talk about how we can help you, and arrange a free, no-obligation trial of LeaveWizard by clicking here.