Increase Productivity

Requests, entitlement, and absence, all in one place

Our Dashboard is conveniently laid out to show all of your main tasks quickly and easily so that you don’t have to search for it. For our smartphone app users, you can accomplish everything you need within seconds and save time for the things that really matter.

Approving leave requests takes moments, not hours

LeaveWizard allows you to set up your staff leave planner with a variety of options to help you stay in control.

For instance, you can add a notice period to ensure that employees can’t submit requests at the last minute. Or you can have cancellation approvals to make sure that people don’t cancel at the last moment without a confirmation from you. 

You can also set up limits and restrictions so that your employees know what they can or cannot do. Overall these features will make your leave management much more effective.

All the data you need at your fingertips

Effective holiday planner doesn’t need to be separate from your absence management, overtime tracking, and employee information records.

Our integrated solutions will help you implement the right staff holiday planner to ensure you have employee holidays under control. And our solutions will work for you in different territories and time zones! Whether you need us as a summer holiday planner, a UK holiday planner, or anywhere else at any time.

Streamline the process of booking holidays

Your way of operating will dictate the number of leave and absence types you will need. Most organisations will find that one Leave type (e.g. Holiday) and one Absence type (e.g. Sickness) are sufficient.

In addition, LeaveWizard allows you to track many other events, should you wish to do so. For example – Employee Training or Maternity leave, or even Working from Home (WFH)

If not every event type can be booked by everyone in your organisation then you will have to correctly configure who is allowed to book what. You can do that from the Event types and allowances screen as per the screenshot.

Ongoing feature upgrades to ease the leave management process

We are always working to enhance LeaveWizard with regular updates that seamlessly improve your experience. You can even join other users by suggesting new features.

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