Easy Reporting

Extract key information at the click of a button

All of the information that you need is a click away. We’ve made sure that it takes seconds to find exactly the details you need. You can even export to Excel on the same page, making it quick and easy to move data to a more convenient place when the time is right.

Bespoke reports allow you to understand leave and absence within your organisation

LeaveWizard allows the recording of Overtime in either days or hours and the ability to report on the recorded overtime so you can calculate compensation correctly.

Spot patterns of absence or annual leave that might affect the business

Our intuitive UI screen will help you ensure that you don’t leave any unapproved employees and you’ll be able to quickly make changes as appropriate.

Report against external indicators, such as the Bradford Factor

With LeaveWizard you can implement Bradford Factor calculations which the system does automatically for you and you can use as an indication of absence patterns.

Automated reminders are sent to employees to encourage leave requests

We can all forget to take holidays sometimes, but we just need a little reminder. Save time and avoid frustration by allowing LeaveWizard to take care of this for you.

LeaveWizard sends monthly allowance reports reminding employees of their allowance for every event type they are allowed to take.

These reports will take into account the correct leave year dates for every employee.

Reminding your employees about their leave events and remaining allowances ensures that they plan and take their employee holidays throughout the year.

The monthly allowance reports are supplemented by weekly leave reports which are sent to line managers and administrators to notify them of upcoming leave events.