Stay in Control

Your data is available at all times, from anywhere

Access you details from any computer at work or home, even in the car with the phone app.

The absence management features are easy to set up by administrators, employees, and line managers with recording and sick note uploads available both via a browser and our smartphone apps.

LeaveWizard also works in different territories and time zones. Whether you need it as a summer holiday planner, a UK holiday planner, or anywhere else at any time.

Ensure processes and policies are being followed and employees get their correct allowance

LeaveWizard allows the configuration of several important rules and restrictions to help streamline your holiday leave planner. 

You have control over the number of people who can be off on any day and you can specify that per workgroup or per custom group.

You will also be able to apply these restrictions for a given period of time or in general. 

LeaveWizard allows you to control the visibility of events based on user roles. For instance, you may want to “hide” the details of sensitive events like compassionate leave from all employees but allow line managers to see them.

You can also use powerful functions like requiring events to be requested in advance (e.g. 7 days in advance) or allowing only the accrued portion of the allowance to be booked.

The combination of all these features gives you control over your staff holiday planner and peace of mind.

Set specific rules, such as specific people not being off simultaneously

The intuitive user interface will ensure that you don’t leave any unapproved employees and you’ll be able to quickly make changes as appropriate.

When you have all absence approvers set up, our system will use the configuration to send approval requests to managers via email the app, then also send daily reminders to ensure that requests are actioned as soon as possible.

Easily handle the most complicated scenarios

Avoid frustration with a variety of work patterns, different leave years, restricted periods, overtime, and time off in lieu (TOIL) and several carryover strategies.

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