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What do you use as your office leave planner?

It is remarkable that in this day and age, many organisations still use email, generic office calendars, excel, and often paper forms as their staff holiday planner to manage employee holidays. Knowing how ineffective these solutions are begs the question, why are so many businesses avoiding the move to an online holiday planner? The answer might be somewhat surprising.

Could it be because organisations believe that a company holiday tracker will be too expensive? While there are some very pricy employee holiday trackers around, we don’t believe that to be the main reason. In our experience price is rarely the reason why businesses avoid switching to a more modern solution for their office holiday tracker.

Could it then be because they simply have no time to look for an alternative solution? In combination with being very busy, and not realising the cost they pay for using an inefficient staff holiday planner software, this could well be the reason in many cases. We don’t however believe that this is often the main reason. In many cases, such organisations will refuse to make use of a free solution that will make their business more effective and yet they will refuse switching to a holiday tracker app that is different from their current solution.

What is the answer to the holiday leave planner mystery then?

We believe the answer is rather simple even if surprising. Most organisations refuse to even consider finding a new holiday tracker because they are simply stuck in their ways. Another term coined by Adam Morgan and Mark Barden in their book “A Beautiful Constraint” is “Path Dependence”. That is the organisation has established its ways of working (in this case using whatever employee holiday planner they currently use) and it takes an enormous effort to make any change which results in a complete reluctance to look for better and more efficient ways.

Of course, you don’t need to be one of these organisations. Breaking the path dependence can lead to big improvements for your organisation. Pick up a free trial with LeaveWizard today and help make a difference in your business and in your people’s lives.

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