Tailor the Experience

See your organisational structure at a glance

Conveniently view all employees in one list, or filter by team/country/etc. All on one page. Employee information is also listed such as role, Workgroup, leave year, employment dates, Bradford Factor, and more.

Personalised workflows and setup to suit your teams

Create Workgroups to organise employees by team, country, office, or any other combination. These Workgroups can be used as a faster way to see exactly the right people.

Easily tailor the holiday request process with automation

Set up a separate configuration for every event type, allowing you the flexibility to have a different set of approvers.

You can have two different approvers at the first level and optionally also have a secondary approver who will get the request once it has been approved by the first-level approvers.

Our intuitive UI will help you ensure that you don’t leave any unapproved employees and you’ll be able to quickly make changes as appropriate.

When you have it all done, our system will use the configuration to send requests to managers via email and the smartphone apps and will also send daily reminders to ensure that requests are actioned as soon as possible.

Easily edit your setup as your organisation changes

With work becoming more flexible and employers allowing flexi-hours and the growth of zero-hour contracts, the need to book holidays in hours has increased in recent years. We provide a flexible and robust solution alongside our standard day-based events.