Manage Leave, Absence and Overtime

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Smarter than spreadsheets and easier than large HR systems - LeaveWizard could be the just-right solution for you

The just-right solution for you

Why use LeaveWizard to manage staff holidays?


The essential benefits

  • Automate administrative work
  • Minimise effort to request leave and absence
  • Provide leave visibility within the organisation
  • Ensure key people are available when necessary
  • Effectively manage leave and absence
  • Eliminate confusion and improve morale
  • Establish effective approval process
More benefits

The "as you grow" benefits

  • Manage leave and absence across multiple locations
  • Produce financial reports based on leave and absence data
  • Reduce time spent on handling starters and leavers
  • Automate time consuming processes like carry overs
  • Implement complex leave solutions including flexible shifts and a variety of leave restrictions
  • Manage overtime, multiple approvers and room bookings

Need more info? Read on to see why we have the "just right" solution for you

  • Benefits of leave management

    What are the benefits?

    LeaveWizard will streamline your leave, absence and overtime management, improve visibility of your employees whereabouts and reduce entitlement and allowance calculation time. Read more

  • LeaveWizard Features

    What do I get?

    To put it simply you get your time back and you get a piece of mind. Let us do Leave tracking and calculations - we are good at it. Then you'll have time for things that tools can't replace.

  • Reliable system

    Is it reliable?

    Hundreds of other organisations already use LeaveWizard and while we may or may not be right for each other, we have no doubt that we have an excellent leave planner to offer. Read more

  • Free Trial

    Can I try it now?

    You better do! To start your free, no obligation trial choose a plan and sign-up. Should you have any questions don't waste time - just talk to us. We're looking forward to having you on board!

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"LeaveWizard makes managing leave arrangements and sickness absence really easy because it is so straightforward and easy to use and I think that’s the best thing about it. There is no need to over complicate holiday booking or it can become a real nightmare. I think it provides great value for money."

Carina Daily / HR Manager at VFM Services

"Since implementing LeaveWizard in our organisation we have been able to manage our employees leave far more effectively and employees themselves state that having an easily accessible online system works well for them."

Jo Jones / Service manager ot Halton Citizen Advice Bureau

"LeaveWizard has proven to be a great tool for our organisation and is flexible enough to deal with nearly all our varied leave scenarios. It's brilliant having holiday, overtime and sickness all managed in one place and accessible from anywhere - even subscribing to the leave calendar in our Google Apps accounts!"

Nick Watkins / Technology manager, All Souls

Unlimited Leave Types, Locations, Work groups, Work Patterns (Shifts), Calendars // Enhanced data security and regular back ups // Free Email Support // Up to 3 months Free Trial // Outlook and Google Calendar (iCal) integration // Optional set up and migration assiatance

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