Staff Leave Planner: Streamline Absence Management, Save Time, Reduce Hassle

LeaveWizard replaces slow and out-dated leave planners with an automated and powerful system that helps you be more productive

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Manage employee leave like never before

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Boost Productivity

Approving leave requests in moments, with all of the data you need at your fingertips using our leave management system

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Customise Your Experience

See your organisational structure at a glance, and personalise your workflows to suit your teams with our leave planner online.

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Easy Reporting

Bespoke reports allow you to understand leave and absence within your organisation via our leave management solution

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Stay in Control

Online leave management of work patterns, different leave years, overtime and time off in lieu (TOIL), multiple carryover strategies.

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LeaveWizard: Beyond a Simple Leave Planner

Our online leave management system helps you:

  • Track holidays for employees
  • Track allowances for employees
  • Keep a record of staff sickness leave
  • Track overtime for employees
  • Keep track of additional leave or absence types
  • Make sure important people don’t all go on leave at the same time

While most people use LeaveWizard as software for leave management, it has been successfully used to track all types of events, as well as overtime and attendance. Over the years, LeaveWizard has established itself as one of the leading online leave planners and we continue to grow our product to better serve our customer’s needs. Find out more about what we offer here.

What Others Say

“Very easy to adopt and run”

We were looking for an easy, efficient and paperless way for employees to record holiday and their managers to approve. As an online holiday planner, LeaveWizard is very easy to adopt and run. I look after HR, and it saves me lots of time recording and filing holiday forms.

Sarah Dix
Finance Controller
Eagle Eye Solutions

“Saved us days of time”

We were a bit hesitant to make the change from our old excel based annual leave planner but has saved us days of time managing leave. We chose it over other systems because it allows us to create multiple leave types and book leave for just 15 minutes!

Russell Schlaudraff
Technical Support

“Easy and reliable”

Our EMEA operation was growing and we needed a sustainable and easy to use staff holiday planner. We found LeaveWizard to be easy and reliable. All absence information in one place, simple reporting system. From administration and finance point of view a great job!

Suzan Li
Marketing Manager