A Holiday Management Solution – Ready to go in Days, not Weeks

February 19, 2018

mplementing a new  leave management solution can sound like a nightmare.

You might anticipate downtime for your leave booking system: Hours of training for yourself, your managers and your staff to use the new process, and a mounting backlog of your other work as you focus on getting to grips with the new system.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

LeaveWizard is an intuitive, online, leave management tool that lets you say goodbye to spreadsheets and free up your time. Even better, it makes the transition quick and simple, and offers a free trial so you can find out for yourself how good it is.

Easy to set up

We make it easy for you to get going –  simply adjust your settings to suit your company’s policy, decide which features you want to use, including automated approval or denial of requests based on your settings, email leave entitlement updates and many more options.

Our location aware system can apply holiday allowances relative to the country your employee is in.

As an online platform, there’s no clunky software to install either!

Intuitive, easy to use interface

We don’t believe that you should have to spend hours figuring out how to navigate a system that is supposed to be helping you. We stick to simple, intuitive layouts that are easy to use.

The straightforward dashboard gives you easy access to reports and statistics that help you to see the patterns of absence and holiday in your team and gain insights into your performance and needs.

Full support team

At every step of the process you’ll have access to our committed customer support team. Whether you have questions about setup, settings or use, help is at hand. With expert knowledge and a world class approach to customer service, our team pride themselves on providing a fast and friendly response. As you transition, the support team aims to make switching to LeaveWizard seamless and easy.

Free trial

At LeaveWizard we’re so confident that you’ll love our leave management tool offers users a free no-obligation trial period. This allows you to find out how it can improve your organisation’s holiday management setup, without risking your budget.

A solution that evolves as you do

As your company grows, you can alter your setup to suit your needs. It’s easy to adapt your LeaveWizard setup to cater for your changing requirements. You can add locations, or change policy restrictions. You can also create customised teams to suit the format of your organisation.

These are all easily done through the admin console, giving you maximum flexibility and control.

Desktop or mobile, a solution that suits you

LeaveWizard’s flexible access means that you can have full control of your holiday management solution whether you are in the office or out and about. Employees and managers have mobile access for leave applications and approvals, holiday calendars and more, putting you in control 24/7.

With so much to gain, and so little hassle involved, what are you waiting for? Book your free trial of LeaveWizard today and find out how easy effective leave management can be.