What Could Your Data Tell You About Leave and Absence?

July 12, 2019

Big data is king, we have all heard of how gathering and analysing information is transforming the modern business world. By seeing patterns, you can make predictions and manage your resources, saving time and money. Seeing trends early can also let you spot and deal with difficulties before they become problems.

When it comes to annual leave and absence management, the great news is that you are already generating the data you need to join the big data revolution, it’s simply a case of analysing it. So what could your existing data be showing you, and how can you make it work more effectively?

Automate Reports

At the core of the big data, the approach is the concept that everything is data. With this way of thinking every leave application, approval or rejection, sick day and lieu day becomes a data point, perhaps not meaningful on its own, but when taken together showing patterns that can be useful.

Perhaps there is always a peak in demand for certain days off at certain offices – school holidays, or the week of Thanksgiving maybe. Seeing this can allow you to budget, tweak your rules, or encourage early applications for high-demand periods. Maybe certain employees always call in sick on the dates of music festivals, or on days when their leave application was rejected – in these cases disciplinary action may be appropriate.

For many people, the problem is gathering this information in one place, in order to be able to use it. This is where using a purpose-built digital leave management system gives you an edge over paper- or spreadsheet-based systems. LeaveWizard users have an array of customisable automated reports, putting all of this information at their fingertips.

The Power of Charts

Tables of data are hard to read. Patterns hide among columns of numbers, visible only to those trained in statistics. Far easier to see are trends shown in graphs and charts. By converting annual leave and absence data into charts you can see the peaks and troughs that let you know what’s happening.

To help you get the best out of your big data, LeaveWizard offers a range of default leave charts. Most popular, especially for those who need to make financial forecasts for annual leave costs and to organise replacement staff is the charts showing leave over time. From a whole year calendar to a week-by-week bar chart, simple, easy-to-interpret charts bring the patterns into clear focus.

See for Yourself

You don’t need to take our word for it about how big data can transform annual leave management in your business, you can see for yourself. We offer a free online demo, where one of our team will take you through the LeaveWizard features that can benefit you the most. You can book a demo for when it suits you by clicking here. You can also try a no-obligation 30-day trial of LeaveWizard by clicking here. Book a free 30 min demo

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