New Add Employee Journey in LeaveWizard

October 9, 2019

It is no secret that for a long time your employee holiday planner, the LeaveWizard app, was built, maintained and supported by a team of two. We invested a lot of time and did our best. But of course, times moved on, technologies changed, people’s expectations changed. And over time some parts of our app have become less suitable and a little out of date. The app was still good enough to do the job but good enough is not something we would accept.

So one day we found reinforcements for our team, people with slightly different skill sets, people who can help us take LeaveWizard to the next level. We are thankful to our customers who helped us by participating in research, our LA-based UX consultants who helped us design better user journeys and eventually our great team who build an awesome new experience. 

While we still have some way to go in rebuilding LeaveWizard into a more functional, faster and more pleasant system, today marks a significant step in the right direction with the addition of the new “new employee” functionality.   

Start from your dashboard

Adding a new employee should be convenient, intuitive and fast while providing all the necessary information to have your new employees up and running in no time. So we placed the “Add Employee” button right on your Administrator dashboard for easy access.

Step 1 – add one or more employees

Adding a new employee is a three-step process and in fact, it can just be two steps if you don’t need to send a welcome email at this stage. You will notice that the new forms are faster and easy to navigate with built-in validation that lets you know what to fix as soon as possible. You can enter one or more employee details manually or upload your file with many more employees. We will do all the validation at this point so you know if the next step will be successful.

Step 2 – set up allowances

Once you enter your employees you can then set-up allowances for the necessary event types and also set up approvers. This allows you to provide all the necessary information to get your new employees up and running without having to go to other pages in the app. At this stage, you can set allowances and approvers for everybody or set up individual allowances and approvers by editing specific employees. When you are done with this form, your new employees will be added and you’ve finished setting up.

Step 3 – It’s done!

The last step is optional. If you are ready to get your new employees using LeaveWizard you could send them welcome emails, however, if you are just testing the system or you are not ready to get people on board yet, then you can skip the emails and you are ready to go.

This is our new “New Employee” journey which gets your new employees ready in just two steps. We hope you like it and find it useful. There are more detailed instructions in the related support portal article.

As always, if you have any comments or questions feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via the Feedback widget within LeaveWizard and keep an eye on our blog for more useful articles.