Make 2018 Easier with LeaveWizard’s Holiday Management Solution

January 14, 2018

Get to grips with Online Leave Management

The end of another year means that 2018 stretches before us, full of possibilities and opportunities, challenges, and administrative headaches. The way you handle the challenges will play a big part in your company’s success.

One task, however, need not be a hassle and that is employee leave management.

Whether you are an HR professional, run a large department or own a small business, the chances are that you spend more time than you would like dealing with staff holidays. You can avoid this headache by taking control and introducing comprehensive leave management.

It’s easy to let administering annual leave become a major administrative task, which takes you away from your other tasks. By taking control of leave management, using an integrated leave management tool, you can ease the hassle, take control and make sure 2018 is that little bit easier.

Here are our top tips for annual leave management:

      Set clear rules.

Employees have legal and contractual entitlements to time off, which may vary according to joining date, leaving date, or length of service building additional entitlement. Public holidays might form a part of the entitlement, or working them may add lieu days.

You will need to have rules in place to govern applications, approval or refusal, moratoriums on leave in busy periods, and minimum staffing levels or pairings of team members who cannot be off at the same time. An online leave management tool, such as LeaveWizard, can automatically enforce restrictions on leave applications, making this task easier.

      Automate your calculations.

From the basic calculations of entitlement, for new starters, and leavers, and pro-rata calculations for part-time staff, our interactive platform can not only work out entitlement but automatically update it as time off is approved or taken and email the employee with a summary of their remaining holiday days.

      Stay on top of your information.

Decisions around leave are easier to make when you know the score. LeaveWizard stores and collates leave calendars and rotas, allowing you to instantly see the impact of a holiday on the business, making decisions easier. Online calendars and custom groups give you a big-picture overview of the impact of any holiday request, helping you to accept or reject applications, or arrange rotas to cover the absence.

      Be flexible.

With desktop and mobile access, LeaveWizard allows managers to view holiday calendars, approve or deny requests, and see data on a team member’s leave and absence from anywhere. Employees have mobile access too and can check remaining days, review policies, and submit leave applications from anywhere.

      Keep everyone in the loop.

As much as half of the British workers do not exhaust their holiday entitlement in a typical year. This is causing damage to many businesses, as overworked employees take more sick leave and have lower productivity. Regular email updates on remaining entitlement help to spur your team on to using up their leave. It will also help to form a culture where your team proactively plans and coordinates its time off.

      Use your data.

Leave and absence data can be used to gain insight into the patterns and trends that affect your team’s productivity. Monitoring patterns of planned and unplanned absence allows you to take control of staffing levels, proactively address absenteeism, and plan schedules around periods of high absence.

Annual leave is important. It contributes to health and safety, productivity, and a culture that makes team members feel valued and nurtured. It is also complicated. As a manager, you need to handle all of this at the same time as the rest of your job. What you need is the right tools to take control. LeaveWizard provides these tools, and more, in a simple, easy-to-use platform. Take the stress out of annual leave for both managers and team members.

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