How often do you pivot?

June 5, 2017

In the Lean Startup world the term pivot is used a lot when talking about a change in the direction that a product is taking – what starts off as product A may pivot into product B and end up serving a entirely different customer base.

Another area where the term pivot is used is within spreadsheets when analyzing data – a pivot table allows you to group data into rows and columns and allows you to easily see patterns or important data. In a recent release of LeaveWizard we enhanced our Leave By Month Pivot report to include easier configuration and conditional formatting.

This report is normally used when determining what allowance an employee has used versus how much they have accrued since the start of the leave year. If an employee accrues 1.25 days per month and they book a 10 day holiday in March their accrued allowance would be 3.75 days however their balance in March would be 3.75 – 10 = -6.25 days. This means that if the employee were to leave the company at the end of March then they would owe the company 6.25 days of holiday pay. Alternatively, if another employee accrued 2 days per month and they left the company in August without taking any leave then the company would owe them 8 x 2 = 16 days of holiday.

The new Leave By Month Pivot report gives you instant access to those numbers and allows you to see at a glance which employees are “at risk” at any point in the year.

Do you often need to work out how much leave an employee has accrued? We’d love to hear you thoughts on this report.