How Do You Manage Your Core Team?

August 2, 2018

Every workplace has a core team – some members of staff who are crucial to success; if nobody does their role or has their knowledge, you simply cannot operate. This is true however much you might treat all employees as equal.

Given how important they are to your organisation’s success, it’s key to keep track of when these people are out of the office. The problem is that it’s unlikely they are all in one place. Typically, key people will be in different teams, perhaps as managers or specialists in a particular process. If you track leave and absence using a spreadsheet or a paper based system, this makes it nearly impossible to get a single overview.

So how do you keep track of these star players, to know when they are in the office or out on leave? LeaveWizard’s custom groups feature answers this question. This easy-to-use feature lets you create groups of employees, from multiple teams/departments, making it simple to generate reports and track availability from our intuitive online dashboard.

For example, with a few simple clicks we can create a custom group containing all of our key managers from across the firm. We’re imaginatively going to call this group ‘Key Managers’.

Now that we have the group set up it appears as a filter option in all areas of the LeaveWizard application. So if we want to see which of those people has leave coming up this month, from the Leave by Month report all we have to do is select the Key Managers group and the information is at our fingertips.

Who are your company’s crucial people, and how do you track them?

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