When are your busy periods?

June 5, 2017

Many companies have a seasonal business model where they get extremely busy during specific periods throughout the year but are generally quiet at other periods. It is sometimes necessary for those companies to restrict the number of employees that can be off at any one time during those periods and thankfully LeaveWizard can support this with its Leave Restriction Periods.

By using the Leave Restriction Period functionality it is possible for an administrator to configure a period of time where a maximum number of employees can be off – this might be during a busy Christmas period or the summer might be especially busy for other companies.

When an employee tries to book a date within a restricted period, in which someone has already booked time off, they will be informed that the maximum staff on leave for that period has been reached and they will be unable to request the leave.

Instead, they would need to ask a line manager or an administrator to record the leave for them and in this case, as seen in the image below, the admin or line manager would be able to override the business rule if this was an exceptional circumstance.

Is your business seasonal? Do you have times when only a specific number of people can be off at the same time? We’d love to hear your thoughts.