A new look for your leave management tool

June 5, 2017

We have some exciting news! We have been working with an expert user experience designer over the last couple of months to help us improve the look and feel of our application. While the work continues, we are now ready to release our fist “new look” version.

​The majority of changes in this first release are on the administrator and line manager dashboards. You will notice the colours and styling of elements has changed throughout the application but there aren’t many functional or layout changes outside the dashboards so don’t worry about having to search for known functions elsewhere.

In the admin and line manager dashboards, the search employee section has moved to the top right and all the action buttons associated, including the request leave and absence buttons, have now been consolidated at the top of the page under the main menu.

The Notifications section to the right, which displays recent requests or messages, is now highlighted with clear action buttons under each item.

Throughout the application the styling of sections and links has changed to make them more obvious and usable.

We think this is a great step towards improving the user experience of LeaveWizard and we’re looking forward to your thoughts and comments.

​Rich & Plamen