Five Ways for Self-Employed People Not to Miss Christmas

December 11, 2017

How to manage Christmas when you’re self-employed

Christmas is coming and when you are self-employed it can be hard to unwind and enjoy the festivities. We’ve even heard of one self-employed delivery sled driver who works a night shift every Christmas Eve, making millions of deliveries.

What’s different?

Without the security of paid holidays, or an office closure over the holidays forcing you to take time off, it can feel as though Christmas is a luxury you can’t afford. Without the routines and traditions of secret Santa and office parties, it can be hard to get into the spirit of the season. The festive season can in fact be a huge opportunity, a chance to recharge your batteries, reconnect with friends and family, show your client base your fun side, and most of all to enjoy a Christmas to remember.

Approached in the right way, Christmas can provide enjoyable, relaxing time off and benefit your business at the same time.

Here are our top five tips to make sure you have a fabulous festive season.

Working for yourself, the temptation is often to work flat out and non-stop. This can be bad for you and it’s important to relax now and then. Just as for someone in traditional employment, a few days away from your working routine will boost your state of mind and your physical energy. Christmas is a perfect opportunity for this, after all, your clients will probably be enjoying the holidays themselves and will not be expecting you to keep your nose to the grindstone.

Working for yourself is demanding, one advantage is that you set your own working hours. This level of control over when you work and take time off is something those “normally employed” people would give their right arm for. The kids want to go and see Santa? You can take them. All you have to do to make it possible is to be a good boss to yourself.

Well maybe not the actual day, they probably don’t have a spare chair. But do reach out to them. Your business is built on relationships, so you should welcome any opportunity to nourish them. You needn’t be extravagant, the old saying “it’s the thought that counts” applies here. Send a Christmas email, send cards, send hampers, whatever your budget reaches. Let Santa be your marketing team.

Fun on social media is not just fun, it’s a chance to reach out to potential clients. Get involved in conversations and challenges, find out what people are doing for Christmas, and spread some Christmas cheer. Think about running a pre-or post-Christmas promotion or sale to catch the attention of those who see your seasonal Tweets and posts. At the very least embracing the holidays on social media will get you into the festive spirit, and in the new year, you may just have some new leads.

The first Christmas as self-employed can leave you thinking of the fun your former colleagues are having at their party. Remember the whole thing. The awkwardness of Gerry from accounts getting drunk, the youngsters from sales complaining about the music, the boss trying way too hard to be your friend. Now, remember you don’t have to go through that … unless of course, you want to splash out on an employee of the year trophy.

Those are just five of our ideas to make the most of the holidays both for yourself and your business. Everyone has their own idea of what makes a great festive season.

What are your plans for enjoying this Christmas?