The Misconception About Free Things

September 17, 2021

We all love something that is free. Even if we don’t really know what it is, the fact that it is free makes us want it even more. It could be something as random as a household gadget the local supermarket is giving away, or a free dessert on your birthday from your favourite local restaurant. The point is, it’s free and we want it, so in our mind, it has value.

But does it really have any value? Typically if someone is giving away something for free, it means that they either don’t want it anymore because it is broken or that it has such little value that it doesn’t matter if they give away a thousand of them.

Is that true about every free offer? I mean, there has to be something that is both free and has value, right? From time to time, you just might happen upon a free offer that does provide you with a service that can be useful to your business. Unfortunately, the free trial isn’t the full version of their service so you never really get to experience all they have to offer. This is where our misconception about free things lies. What others see as valuable, we might not see the same way.

The Best Freebie Of All

While many freebies that we find in today’s world, really aren’t free at all and they offer little to no actual value, there is something that is free and that can change the way you do business. It’s a freebie that is worth thousands and it is only from LeaveWizard.

For a limited time, LeaveWizard is offering a free trial of our exclusive enterprise-level leave and absence management platform. This free trial can make a difference in the daily operations of your small to medium or enterprise-level business and help to streamline your leave and absence process. In fact, our free trial of the LeaveWizard enterprise-level leave and absence management platform has shown its worth to business owners throughout the UK and they have all signed up for our paid service.

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