What is your paper-based or Excel and Email Leave Management Solution Costing You?

May 3, 2018

What is your paper-based or Excel and Email Leave Management Solution Costing You?

A while back we carried out a small study looking at some of the usage data we’ve gathered over the time people have been using our leave management solution – since 2010. We did this to help us update the comparison we give you showing the return on investment (ROI) of using our leave management platform. One problem with any research project is that having set out to prove a point, confirmation bias leads you straight into doing just that.

A Change of Mind

With this study though, we noticed something that made us change the way we talk about our product. The moment of realisation came after one of our team (no names, no shame, he knows who he is) had spent half an hour creating increasingly complex and (he says) beautiful coded reports. It was then that he saw the flaw in our methodology which meant the information we showed didn’t give you the best possible comparison.

What we had been doing was using a sample company, and sample costs to show you cash savings from using our leave planner to improve your leave management process. The realisation he had was that cash is not the only or perhaps even the most important factor in management. The most valuable asset you have is time.

Time is money, but it is also time that you could be spending boosting your productivity in so many ways.

What you’ll now see when you look at our ROI model is how much time you would save if you used LeaveWizard’s holiday management system, compared to using your paper or Excel and email methods.

Saving you time

Managing the various admin tasks around leave and absence rarely comes as a single block of time, rather you deal with individual requests or absences as they arise. It might surprise you then to see just how much time you spend on these tasks over a year. Even more surprising is just how much time you could save – as much as 10 hours per employee per year.

What does that 10 hours per head mean to you?

Maybe you see it in terms of the salary you pay your managers or yourself. Is it time that could be spent wooing potential clients or overseeing key tasks? Maybe it’s even a way to cut down over-long hours and adjust your work-life balance.

Whatever the time saving would mean to you, take a look at how we reached that number, then see the saving for yourself by taking a free trial of our innovative leave management system. It could be the start of a new way of thinking about leave.

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