Using LeaveWizard APIs to bring your data to PowerBI

February 12, 2024


With the growing availability of various APIs on the LeaveWizard platform, our customers have been able to access their LeaveWizard data and use it within other systems. To make more people aware of this useful functionality, we have created the use case below demonstrating how you could benefit from bringing your data to reporting tools like PowerBI and using it for analysis and visualisations. We have used PowerBI in our example because it is the most popular tool used by our customers. However similar steps should apply to other reporting tools.

Registering a LeaveWizard API client

The first step to execute is to ensure that you have registered a LeaveWizard API client and have obtained the relevant credentials as you will need these later on to connect to PowerBI. In case you have already set up your LeaveWizard API access then you can skip to the next section.

If you haven’t set-up your API access yet please follow the instructions as detailed in

Connecting to PowerBI

The next step is to connect your PowerBI with your LeaveWizard API. We assume that you have PowerBI desktop installed and you have some familiarity with PowerBI or at least with other Microsoft 365 applications. If you need to familiarize yourself with PowerBi we recommend heading to Microsoft’s getting started page –

Have your LeaveWizard API credentials on hand and head over to your Power-BI desktop application. From the home tab on the main menu, select “Get Data” and then “Blank Query”. See the screenshot for reference.

On the following screen click on the `Advance Editor` button and get ready to enter a query. If you’ve never done this, don’t worry we have prepared a sample query for you. Download the file here

Either enter your own query or use our sample query in the query window. Make sure to update the client credentials, api url and the column names using the credentials details you’ve configured in the LeaveWizard API configuration as per the first step. You can see the section you need to update highlighted in the screenshot below.

When you’re ready, click on the Done button. If you get an error at this point or on running click the Edit credentials button and change the setting to Anonymous – see the two screens below.

If the authentication is set up correctly you will get your LeaveWizard data in a table format as per the screen below.

Building reports with your Data

Once you have your data in Power BI, you can build reports using PowerBI’s interface. In case you are not familiar withPowerBI, we recommend the getting started section on Microsoft’s website –

Once you have built your reports you can publish them and share with your colleagues as well as subscribe to the report or set an alert.

Refreshing your data

To get the latest LeaveWizard data you can have to refresh it from within PowerBi. Simply click the `Refresh Preview` button and your data will be refreshed automatically.


The LeaveWizard API is available to all our existing and new premium subscribers. If you have any questions about it please let us know via the contact us page.