Team Holiday Tracker

February 13, 2023

Team holiday planner made easy
  • LeaveWizard allows the use of multiple leave event types so you can have Holiday, Holiday (Hours), etc. to cover different leave booking scenarios.
  • LeaveWizard allows you to set up separate leave allowances and to control the visibility of every event type so you decide who can book or see the events of each event type.
  • LeaveWizard will then use the configuration of each employee’s allowance, event type specifics and employee work patterns, etc. when calculating event duration and remaining allowance.

With work becoming more flexible and employers allowing flexi-hours and the growth of zero-hour contracts, the need for your team leave planner to allow you to book holidays in hours has increased in recent years. We provide a flexible and robust solution alongside our standard day-based events.

Tracking employee leave in both days and hours without the right leave tracker for team can cause unnecessary headaches and can lead to mistakes. LeaveWizard is a great way to ensure leave is accounted for correctly and employees get the right entitlement for their contracts.

  • In LeaveWizard, you can have many different event types – holiday, sickness, training, etc.
  • There are many ways to customise these event types with our team leave tracker and one of these ways is whether the allowance is in days or in hours.
  • When you select allowance in hours, LeaveWizard will recognise that and present you with the right form for requesting leave and will use hours when calculating entitlements.
  • Every event type has its own set of approvers and allowances so they don’t interfere with each other.
  • When you track holiday in hours, the start, lunch and end times of the relevant work pattern days will be used by your team leave planner when calculating the duration of events
  • Our intuitive holiday booking form knows about your work pattern for every day and calculates even durations correctly.
  • Booking time off in hours helps you create a fair system for everyone including those who work part time or shifts.
  • You don’t have to be restricted by the software you use and put up with limited options.
  • LeaveWizard allows you to use different leave types, in days or hours, and assign them to the right employees.
  • So everybody can be certain their leave tracker for the team will show the correct amount of annual leave whether they work full-time or part-time.

We hope you found this brief overview of LeaveWizard’s solution to tracking holidays in hours to be useful. Of course, there is much more we can show you. If we haven’t answered here all your questions about how LeaveWizard helps you implement an effective leave management system using holidays in hours, please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to set up a demo or a chat.  If you prefer to learn by reading please visit the solutions page