Staff Working From Home? Let Us Help

August 14, 2020

LeaveWizard is great for tracking holidays and absences – but it can also track working from home, offsite working, and other events.

Changing ways of working

One effect of the global coronavirus pandemic has been to force the closure of offices and workspaces in many countries. For many firms, this resulted in a rapid shift to remote and online working. Even as businesses head back to work, government guidance and social distancing requirements mean that many organisations will have more staff home-working than ever before, and many employers and employees have even found that home-working is an improvement over how they used to operate.

Keeping track

At LeaveWizard we appreciate the flexibility that your organisation can gain through flexible remote working, in fact, we have embraced the remote work concept since we started up. You may have found though, especially if you are using a hybrid approach, with some staff needing to be in the office and others working from home, or employees being on-site for some days and working remotely on others, that it can be tricky to keep track of who’s working where.

Is Jane working from home today, or is she on annual leave? If I arrange a meeting for Thursday, will Paul be there in person, or will we need to set it up on Zoom? Are we going to have enough people in the office to cover the reception desk through lunchtime? How do I know how many days I need to pay staff who have been working from home? With all of these questions, you need a reliable way of authorising and tracking remote working.

Simple and reliable 

The thought of yet another piece of software to manage employees may already have you rolling your eyes, but the good news is that LeaveWizard can be used to track remote working, using the same simple and reliable system that you use for annual leave and absence management.

LeaveWizard’s purpose-built online system already tracks your staff’s holiday and sickness, but you can also use it to record non-leave events such as working from home. To do this you simply create a custom leave type, making sure to set it as ‘non-allowanced’ so that it doesn’t deduct from the employee’s annual leave.


A number of setup options as you create the leave type means that you have flexibility over how you want to manage to work from home. You can choose to limit the number of days it can be used, if for instance, you require staff to work from the office a certain number of days per week, you can choose between unrestricted remote working and requiring authorisation from a supervisor, and you can even choose to have the appointment show on your shared calendar so that colleagues know the employee won’t be on site.

A range of useful options

Clearly, this type of leave option is useful for tracking staff working from home, but it has a range of other potential uses. You might use it to keep track of which site a worker will be at if their role requires them to cover multiple locations. Sales teams could use this type of event to show when they will be on-site with a client. Staff could even use it simply to show appointments when they will be unavailable for other duties.

If you want to use your LeaveWizard software to track non-leave events such as working from home, setting it up is simple. You can check out our Knowledge Base article for guidance, or get in touch with our team for more help.

If you’re not a current LeaveWizard user and want to see how this feature, as well as our fully customisable leave management platform, can do for your business, you can book a free, no-obligation online demo here.

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