Sometimes tracking holiday in days is not enough

Tracking holiday in hours makes it easier to manage holidays for part time workers or zero hour contracts.

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How it works

  • LeaveWizard allows the use of multiple leave event types so you can have Holiday, Holiday (Hours), etc. to cover different leave booking scenarios.
  • LeaveWizard allows you to set up separate leave allowances and to control the visibility of every event type so you decide who can book or see the events of each event type.
  • LeaveWizard will then use the configuration of each employee’s allowance, event type specifics and employee work patterns, etc. when calculating event duration and remaining allowance.

What makes our solution better?

Flexibility to fit your needs

With work becoming more flexible and employers allowing flexi-hours and the growth of zero hour contracts, the need to book holiday in hours has increased in recent years. We provide a flexible and robust solution alongside our standard day based events.
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Ensure compliance without additional costs

Tracking employee leave in both days and hours without the right system can cause unnecessary headache and can lead to mistakes. LeaveWizard is a great way to ensure leave is accounted for correctly and employees gets the right entitlement for their contracts.

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