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In most organisations employees do overtime. Allowing them to record it helps with compensation and motivation.

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How it works

  • LeaveWizard allows the recording of Overtime in either days or hours and the ability to report on the recorded overtime so you can calculate compensation correctly.
  • A popular form of compensation is converting overtime to Time Off In Lieu. You can set up automatic conversion of Overtime to TOIL once overtime is approved.
  • LeaveWizard allows you to set up a different set of approvers for your overtime requests for added flexibility.

What makes our solution better?

Fully integrated

Our Overtime and TOIL solution is fully integrated within LeaveWizard. This means you get access to the same level of reporting and approvals set-up. If configured, automatic conversion of Overtime into TOIL is taken care of by our system.
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Ensure fairness through transparency

Overtime and compensating it can be a sensitive subject for many employees. By using LeaveWizard you will ensure that there is transparency in your process and employees have confidence in the correctness of the calculation and the overtime compensation.

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