The world of work is changing
Is your leave system able to cope?

Modern day employees tend to work flexible hours, part-time or different shifts. Having a leave system that support flexible shifts is no longer optional.

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How it works

  • LeaveWizard allows the creation of flexible work patterns that describe the exact days or hours in the week that your employees work. Our patterns can have “any multiple of seven” number of days.
  • Once your employees have the correct work pattern and proceed to book leave, our leave engine knows exactly what days should be booked so you don’t have to work that out.
  • Our flexible work patterns work equally well with both day based and hour based allowances.

What makes our solution better?


Our work patterns cover a wide variety of options to allow you to define the exact times your employees work. Every employee can have their own work pattern or one can be shared between multiple employees. Our work pattern management UI is easy and intuitive.
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Fully integrated

All of your system’s rules, restrictions and booking arrangements in LeaveWizard will work perfectly well with any patterns to ensure your process is followed regardless of the employee’s specific arrangements.

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