Use individual leave years to
avoid holiday peak periods

Reduce stress and friction, help distribute holidays evenly and help employees use their entitlement.

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How it works

  • Every employee can have a different leave year or will just inherit the company wide setting. This is the date when employee allowance resets.
  • Traditionally this has been the same date for everyone however recently it has become more practical for businesses to use individual leave years.
  • LeaveWizard will then use the leave year when calculating, allowances, entitlements, remaining allowances and any leave, which spans over two, different leave years.

What makes our solution better?

Automated recalculation

Make changes to employee leave years when you need to. Our system will recalculate entitlements, allowance and event durations quickly and accurately so you don’t have to.
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Avoid holiday peaks

By using individual leave years you will avoid employees trying to use up their allowance at the same time at the end of the year. This reduces friction in the work place and distributes the annual leave more evenly therefore reducing the need to seek external cover.

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