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Using Different Leave Years

  • In LeaveWizard, the leave year is the 12 month period for which employees have their annual holiday allowance

  • The most common period is January 1st to December 31st - so we'll say the leave year starts on January 1st.

  • LeaveWizard accommodates different leave years for every employee in your organisation.

  • Read more about our solution to different leave years.

Holiday allowance in hours

  • Do you need to track employee holidays in days as well as in hours?

  • LeaveWizard supports multiple leave types (e.g. Holiday, Duvet days, Holiday in hours, etc)

  • This provides you with flexibility to record different types of leave and absence

  • You can even track non-absence related events like Meetings or Working From home

  • Find out more about our solution to tracking leave in hours

Tracking Overtime

  • Does your organisation allow overtime?

  • Do you need to record it?

  • Do you allow employees to convert overtime into Time Off in Lieu (TOIL)?.

  • We've got you covered - LeaveWizard offers overtime management too! 

  • Read more about our solution to overtime and TOIL

Different Work Patterns

  • With the world of work changing rapidly we are discovering new ways to work daily

  • LeaveWizard allows you to design various working patterns and assign them to employees 

  • Your calendars and leave calculations will reflect how each one of your employees work. 

  • Find out more about our solution to flexible work patterns

Absence Management

  • Most organisations require absence management.

  • Some companies discover that they require more advanced absence management.

  • This is why we have extended our absence management capabilities to cover a wider range of scenarios. 

  • Read more about our solution to absence management


  • LeaveWizard allows you to create different leave types and make them available to relevant employees

  • Our built-in entitlement calculator and event duration recalculation ensures you always have the right numbers

  • Advanced rules and restrictions help your employees follow the right policies.

  • Find out more about our leave management solution

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