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Do you work with different leave years? We call leave years the 12 month period for which employees have their annual holiday allowance - for example, the most common period is January 1st to December 31st. Find out more about our solution to different leave years.

Do you need to track employee holidays in days as well as in hours? LeaveWizard supports multiple leave types (e.g. Holiday, Duvet days, Holiday in hours, etc) and allows you to track employee leave the way you would usually do if your current system wasn't restricting you. Find out more about our solution to tracking leave in hours.

employee leave years
track leave in hours

Does your organisation allow overtime? Do you need to track it? Do you allow employees to convert overtime into Time Off in Lieu (TOIL)?. We got you covered - LeaveWizard offers overtime management too! Find out more about our solution to overtime and TOIL

TOIL and overtime

Do you have staff who work in different patterns? LeaveWizard allows you to design various working patterns and assign them to employees so our calendars and leave calculations correctly reflect how each one of them works. Find out more about our solution to flexible work patterns

different employee workpatterns

Most organisations require absence management. Some need the more advanced kind. This is why we have extended our absence management capabilities to cover a wider range of scenarios.  Find out more about our solution to absence management

Our system was created to be an annual leave planner and as such it naturally excels in this category. We have a range of advanced features that you will struggle to find in other online staff leave planners. Read more about our leave management capabilities