LeaveWizard Impressed Industry Experts; Received Rising Star of 2019 Accolade

Updated: May 17

LeaveWizard is happy to share that it received two awards from CompareCamp — the Rising Star of 2019 Award and the Great User Experience Award. To have our tools and features acknowledged by experts and users is truly humbling.

CompareCamp reviews software is currently available in the market. It’s a source of reliable SaaS reviews that evaluate business tools in a transparent and methodical manner. Its group of experts applies years of experience and knowledge in determining efficient and solid tools for businesses.

LeaveWizard is the recipient of the Great User Experience Award for providing simplified tools that improve productivity and promote transparency. Experts noted how LeaveWizard made manpower management easy with its automated tracker, schedulers, and timely reports. LeaveWizard’s one-click leave request function that can even be accessed via mobile devices was also notably appreciated. Users also liked the staff leave planner that made tracking simple and hassle-free.

Current users commend LeaveWizard features so much that it lead to numerous positive reviews and recommendations. In fact, it leads LeaveWizard to receive the Rising Star of 2019 Award. This recognition is given to stellar software solutions from different industries that are extremely popular among users. The support that LeaveWizard received from its current users made the second award possible.

Receiving the awards serves as solid proof that LeaveWizard is truly getting the job done when it comes to providing effective tools for its users’ business needs. Receiving the accolades from experts is a surplus because knowing directly from users that LeaveWizard delivers as a management tool is more than enough. LeaveWizard will continue to gladly serve all its users.

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