Make Your Leave Management Process Easier

See all the features that we've designed to make your leave management easier for you and your team

Multi-channel annual leave management from Leave Wizard Ltd

Increase Productivity

  • Approving leave requests takes moments, not minutes
  • Have all the data you need at your fingertips
  • Be more productive in manpower planning using our visual dashboard
  • See all requests, entitlement and absence in one place
  • Streamline the process of booking holiday for users
  • Ongoing feature upgrades to ease the leave management process

Tailor the Experience

  • See your organisational structure at a glance
  • Personalised workflows and setup to suit your teams
  • Manage your teams YOUR way.
  • Easily tailor the holiday request process using automation
  • Easily edit your setup as your organisation changes or grows
Build a personalised dashboard for your organisation
Desktop view of easy reporting from LeaveWizard

Easy Reporting

  • Extract key information at the click of a button
  • Bespoke reports allow you to understand leave and absence within your organisation
  • Spot patterns of absence or annual leave that might affect the business
  • Report against external indicators, such as the Bradford Factor
  • Automated reminders of users remaining leave, encouraging them to use it

Stay in Control

  • Your data available at all times, from anywhere
  • Ensure your organisation's process and policies are being followed and every employee gets their correct allowance
  • Set organisational specific rules, such as specific people not being off simultaneously
  • Our system can handle even the most complicated scenarios with variety of work patterns, different leave years, overtime and time off in lieu (TOIL) plus several carry over strategies
Employee details desktop image | Leavewizard
LeaveWizard now has an app


  • LeaveWizard works on any modern device allowing employees to request leave and check their allowances on the app
  • Automatic approval reminders ensure approving managers are notified about employee requests
  • Automated location recognition allows for local public holidays to be automatically allocated
  • Save hours per employee, per year, by having the automated processes, allowing you to get on with running your business

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