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  • LeaveWizard is a staff leave planner that allows you to set up multiple leave types and configure them accordingly 
  • For instance, you can have “Holiday in Days” and “Holiday in Hours” and make these types available to the relevant employees.
  • Or you can have “Holiday UK” and “Holiday France” so you can set up country-specific types to suit the holiday planner for each location.
  • With LeaveWizard you can set up one or two levels of approvals for every leave type. Then let our smartphone app and our reminders ensure that requests are handled timely.


A staff holiday tracker integrated with all our other great features

An effective staff leave tracker doesn’t need to be separate from your staff absence planner, overtime tracker, and employee information records. 

Our integrated solutions will help you implement the right staff holiday planner to ensure you have employee holidays under control. And our solutions will work for you in different territories and time zones! Whether you need us as a summer holiday planner, a UK holiday planner, or anywhere else at any time.

Powerful rules and restrictions

LeaveWizard allows you to set up your staff vacation planner with a variety of options to help you stay in control of staff leave and absence.

For instance, you can add a notice period to ensure that employees can’t submit requests at the last minute. Or you can have cancellation approvals to make sure that people don’t cancel at the last moment without a confirmation from you. 

You can also set up limits and restrictions so that your employees know what they can or cannot do. Overall our automation features will make your leave management much more effective.

Leave Management FAQ

Can I have some employees who record their holidays in days and some in hours?

Yes, LeaveWizard allows you to set up multiple event types (e.g. “Holiday”, or “Holiday in hours”) and each event type can be configured to record events in either days or hours. You can also select which employees can use either of your event types. 

Can employees have different leave years? e.g. different date when allowance resets.

Yes, With LeaveWizard every employee can have a different leave year. That allowance can be reset on a different date for every employee. Or if you want to keep it simple, you can also have the same leave year for all of your employees. 

Can we have two-level approvals for some employees and no approvers for others?

LeaveWizard supports one or two levels of approvers. That is if you opt for two levels, the second approver will receive the request only after the first approver has approved it. If you want to have some employees with no approvers (e.g. directors) then you need to simply remove their first-level approver.

Can we publish our holiday events to Outlook or Google Calendar?

Yes, LeaveWizard will allow you to publish events of different types to an external calendar that supports iCal. This includes Google calendar and Outlook (Office 365) calendar. LeaveWizard’s staff holiday planner app also allows you to add events to your mobile calendar. And last but not least you can exclude some event types from being published to external calendars, for example, you may not want to publish Sickness or Compassionate leave events.