I did leave my magic wand somewhere... I remember that much!

LeaveWizard is an employee holiday planner and absence management system that helps organisations stay in control of their leave management process by reducing stress, increasing visibility, streamlining approvals, and policing rules automatically. The LeaveWizard team continues to work to expand the capabilities of our system and cover more areas of the business to help you run your organisation more effectively and be able to handle the mundane tasks of employee holiday tracking automatically so you can have more time to run and grow your business.

LeaveWizard has been around for more than ten years defying the usual logic in the business world. Started as a side project by two friends, bootstrapped 100 percent with no external funding, and without fail, growing year on year, every year of its existence. It might have something to do with solving a real problem for real people, in a good way, and being nice and polite while doing so?!

It could also be by chance. Time will tell for sure. We are planning to be around so we can see. If you haven't tried LeaveWizard yet, feel free to do so now. It is free for 30 days and we will help you make the most of it (obviously for free). Thanks for reading. 

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