Employee Holiday Tracker

Use LeaveWizard as your holiday tracker for employees

LeaveWizard allows you to set up multiple leave types and configure them accordingly 

For instance, you can have “Holiday in Days” and “Holiday in Hours” and make these types available to the relevant employees.

Or you can have “Holiday UK” and “Holiday France” so you can set up country-specific types to suit your employee holiday planner for each location.

With LeaveWizard you can set up one or two levels of approvals for every leave type. Then let our employee leave tracker via smartphone app or email reminders ensure that requests are handled timely.

Employee leave planner integrated with all our other features

An effective employee vacation planner doesn’t need to be separate from your absence managementovertime tracking, and employee information records. 

Our integrated employee annual leave tracker will help you implement the right staff holiday planner to ensure you have employee holidays under control. And our solutions will work for you in different territories and time zones! Whether you need us as a summer holiday planner, a UK holiday planner, or anywhere else at any time.

Powerful rules and restrictions make an effective employee leave vacation tracker

LeaveWizard allows you to set up your staff holiday planner for employees with a variety of options to help you stay in control.

For instance, you can add a notice period to ensure that employees can’t submit requests at the last minute. Or you can have cancellation approvals to make sure that people don’t cancel at the last moment without a confirmation from you. 

You can also set up limits and restrictions so that your employees know what they can or cannot do. Overall these features will make your employee annual leave tracker much more effective.

Choosing your employee vacation tracking software

Whether you select LeaveWizard for your employee leave vacation tracker or you decide to go with another system you need to make sure that it is a system that is both easy to use for your employees while at the same time it is powerful and configurable for your HR administrators to give them the options to support your processes and your business operations.

Simplify employee leave, absence and overtime management with LeaveWizard, so you can save time, reduce friction, and optimise your business processes