Looking to remove your personal data from our systems, no problem, you've come to the right place

Making removal of your personal data as easy as possible

What personal data do you hold about me?

LeaveWizard holds the following information about you in order to sign in and use the application:

We want to make it as easy to remove your data as it is to create your data so we've set up this page for you to easily request your personal data to be removed from our systems.


How to request your data to be deleted from our systems

Requesting your data to be deleted from our systems, by completing the form below, will include us contacting the administrator of your associated organization and confirming, as the data controller, that they are aware and confirm the data deletion request. Upon receiving this confirmation we will remove your personal information from our systems. We perform this additional check in order to prevent "fake" data deletion request attempts.

  • Name: How you might refer to yourself, such as your first and/or last name, or nickname.
  • Email address: Your email address.
  • Password: The secure password you use to login to the system.

LeaveWizard may also hold the following information about you if your company or organization administrators have collected that information and stored it in our system for their records:

  • Position: Your position within your organization.
  • Designation: The official job title given to you at your organization.
  • Salary: The current salary that you earn at your organization.
  • Function: The function of area of the organization that you work in.
  • Primary Cost Centre: The primary cost centre you have been allocated to.
  • Secondary Cost Centre: The secondary cost centre you have been allocated to.
  • Confirmation date: The date your contract was confirmed with the organization
  • Probation start date: The date your probation with the organization started.
  • Probation end date: The date your probation with the organization ended.
  • Termination reason: The reason your employment was terminated.
  • Nationality: Your nationality.
  • Gender: Your gender.
  • Identification / Passport number: The identification or passport number that you provided to the organization to prove your identity when your employment began.
  • Place of birth: Your place of birth.
  • Date of birth: The date of your birth.
  • Personal email: Your personal email to enable the organization to contact you via an alternative method if required.
  • Home Telephone: Your home telephone number.
  • Mobile Telephone: Your mobile telephone number.
  • Extension number: The extension number used to contact you at work
  • Qualification: Any qualifications relevant to your role at your organization.
  • Reference: A unique reference assigned to you by the organization
  • Additional information: Any additional information that the organization might need to capture about you to enable your employment/association with the organization
  • Emergency contact: The name, phone number and relationship of any person that should be contacted in the event of an emergency.
  • Family members: The first name, last name, relationship, phone number, date of birth, nationality, gender and identification number of any close family members.

Who controls my personal data?

LeaveWizard provides an online leave management service which enables organizations to streamline their staff holiday processes and procedures. As such, LeaveWizard provides features and functionality that allows administrators from organizations to store personal information about you that is relevant for your employment at your organization. In this capacity, LeaveWizard acts as a data processor and your associated organization is the data controller. This means that the entity that is ultimately responsible for the safe guarding and control of your personal information is the organization. LeaveWizard does and will provide services to enable the data controller to handle personal data appropriately which includes handling data deletion requests.

Start the data deletion request process

To start the data deletion request process, please complete the form below and our friendly support staff will be in touch to walk you through the process.