Authorised subcontractors

We, the team at, work hard to deliver to you an excellent online leave management service. However, like with any great service, we couldn’t do it all on our own. In order to make the LeaveWizard service a reality, we work with a number of authorised subcontractors that help us do better for you. 

Currently, the following websites or services are on our list of authroised subcontractors:

• Azure: LeaveWizard operates within the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services platform –

• Cloudflare: this service allows us to securely and efficiently manage web traffic

• Go Cardless: this supports our system for collecting recurring payments via direct debit

• Braintree Gateway: another system that supports collecting recurring payments via credit/debit card

• Google: we use GMail and Gdocs for internal business administration

• Mailchimp: we use Mailchimp to manage emails

• Recurly: we use Recurly for credit card payment processing services

• SendGrid: this is a tool we use for sending transactional notifications, such as communications regarding leave requests

• Slack: we use Slack for internal electronic communications

• UserVoice: our customer support system and emails are provided by UserVoice –

• Xero: this is business accounting software

• Drift: we use Drift to provide live chat capability on our website

• User Guiding: we use User Guiding to provide step-by-step guides within our app to help users learn new features quicker.

Check our GDPR FAQs for more information. If you have any questions regarding our authorised subcontractors or any specific information on this page please contact us.