About LeaveWizard

About the Company

Leave wizard is a small business with mighty reach. Running since 2010, we now supply leave management solutions to over 29 countries. Organically grown in Bournemouth, Leave Wizard is a UK based company, that is constantly evolving and innovating in the fight to be the best annual leave tracker it can be for its clients.

About the Motivation

We find it hard to believe that spreadsheets are still the number one tool used to manage leave and absence. Some businesses still use paper forms to request and approve leave. It seems that the world around us has evolved dramatically, but leave management tools haven’t kept up with today’s needs.

The Problem

It is hard to derive the current state of play from a spreadsheet, let alone from paper:

• Employees can spend hours trying to figure out if their leave request will be accepted.
• Approvers will struggle to figure out if a leave request should be approved or rejected.
• Who should cover for an emergency absence
• How many days someone has left this year.
• Meanwhile, management struggles to learn how to cut disruption and plan ahead better.

We wanted to find a better way.

The Solution

We have spent several years managing teams in different organisations, so we have experience of many different approaches to managing leave and absence. Beyond the insufficiencies of paper forms and spreadsheets, we noticed other inefficiencies. Large HR systems with clumsy and confusing user interfaces, systems offering little value over manual methods or tools that looked promising but were way too simplistic. Systems that showed a lack of understanding of the reality of leave management in modern businesses.
So we created LeaveWizard.

Our Vision:
An easy to use, yet comprehensive online leave planner, which can completely replace Excel trackers and paper forms.

Our Approach: To keep learning so that we build a product loved by our customers. And so far, we think our approach is working – check out our testimonials.

Our Ethos:
We grow our way. We haven’t ever brought in outside financing and we have no intention of doing so. This is important in providing the freedom to shape our company and its business practices.

About the Team

We are passionate, authentic, and driven and we are truly interested in listening to what you have to say.
Each team member brings a different set of skills and expertise. We're constantly evolving so our entire team are specialists in their area.

​Plamen Balkanski

Operations lead, Founder

Plamen is the organiser, driving us all towards building software systems that make people’s lives better. Plamen oversees all aspects of LeaveWizard’s business processes.

​Richard Allen

Technology lead, Founder

Rich is the passionate one. An active community organiser with unreal knowledge and skills. With this passion Rich leads both the product development and IT teams at LeaveWizard.

​Atanas Himchev

Lead Developer, Partner

Nasko is the cool one, always coming up with the most pragmatic solutions without compromise , even in the most difficult situations.

​Todor Todorov

Marketing lead, Partner

Todor is the dreamer. He sees opportunity in everything and anything. Todor ensures that people looking for a leave management solution can find us fast.

Nitin Gandhi

Quality Assurance Lead, Partner

Nitin is the resolute one. Our quality custodian in everything we do, he specialises in keeping us on our toes to make sure our product is of the highest quality.

Paul Hayward


Paul is our customer champion. Nice to everyone else and unbelievably persistent with all of us to try and get our customers to a happier place, sooner.